Roux Anon (Stories from the Community)

Welcome! If you’re here that means you’re interested in learning more about Roux Anon. Your curiosity alone means so much to us! From the beginning, we’ve always wanted Roux to go beyond being just a clothing company and to truly feel like a community. This is just one way we hope to support that dream. To join us, check out the Guidelines and FAQs below.


Roux Anon is the term we use to refer to this program and the community members who take part in it. It’s a chance for anyone to share freeform content via the Stories page. What does that content look like? We’ll leave that up to you. Roux Anon is just one of the many ways we hope to open our platform to our community. 

Here’s three golden rules:
All submissions must be sent via this form
Written submissions should not exceed 5000 words
Individual files cannot exceed 1 GB

Please note, excessively sexual, profane, or offensive content will likely not be shared.
We strive to consider all submissions before selecting what to post each week. Although we cannot promise that every submission will be posted, we do our best to make sure Stories reflects our diverse and wonderful community.


What does Roux Anon mean? Can I submit anonymously?
Roux Anonymous was originally our placeholder name for the idea of a community submissions program. The name itself kinda stuck, but we always wanted to give creators the ability to tag their social media and/or other projects. So feel free to submit with or without identifying yourself. 

What kinds of submissions are you looking for? 
It can be anything! It can be fiction, non-fiction, audio, visual, text-based, a combination of any or all of the above, or maybe something we haven’t even thought of. If it can be displayed on a computer, you can submit it. Everything is on the table, so just be yourself.

How do you choose what to post?
Roux Anon is about empowering voices that resonate with members of our community. We don’t want to limit or guide what you choose to create or share with us.  If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend exploring other Stories posts or checking out Roux’s values on the About page. 

What if I change my mind or want to remove my post?
Although we cannot promise anything, we always strive to take care of our community. If you would like to retract your submission please Contact Us.


Submissions may be edited for clarity, legal, or taste purposes at the discretion of Roux Clothing LLC. Roux Clothing LLC reserves the right to retract or refuse to publish submitted content for any reasons at any time. The opinions expressed by Roux Contributors and creators from Roux Anon should not be interpreted as the views of Roux Clothing LLC.  

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