What is Roux?

In cooking, Roux is formed by melting butter and whisking in flour to form the base of a sauce. When prepared properly, a roux has a simple, but wonderful smell. This is what we want our company to embody: simple, but wonderful. A nostalgic feeling that reminds you of a home. 

In practice, Roux is a streetwear company. We design casual, modern clothing inspired by the nostalgia and feelings tied to growing up. But, it’s more than just clothes.

It’s a collaboration that brings to life our shared values, through our brand and products.

Guiding Values of Roux

Longing for simpler times

Not knowing where you belong

Coming of Age
A journey that continues after your 18th birthday

Exploring other worlds

Slice of Life
Appreciating the quiet moments

Finding the people you resonate with

Cartoons, family dinner, lazy Sunday afternoons

About Us

Wow, Hi, Bonjour! Wow, Beautiful!

I’m Andy (on the right), creative director and co-founder of Roux. Roux empowers me to not only pursue my passion for design and aesthetics, but also to share it with the world. I’ve always wanted to start my own brand, so thank you for being a part of our journey!

Hit: Baking, Philosophy, TWICE
Miss: Horror Movies, Diet Soda, Waiting at Crosswalks

Hello fellow carbon based life forms and Andy!

I’m Abishek (on the left), business manager and co-founder of Roux. For me, Roux is an opportunity to explore how our experiences overlap and to reflect on our shared values through our products. Much love to anyone who finds their way over to our passion project!

Hit: Urban Dancing, Milkshakes, Autochess
Miss: Shaving, Bedtimes, Long Walks on the Beach