What is Roux?

In cooking, a roux is formed by melting butter and whisking in flour, usually used as the base of a sauce. When prepared properly, a roux has a simple, but wonderful smell. For us, it’s the smell of home. This is what we want our company to embody: a feeling that reminds you of home. 

Roux was established in 2020 as a streetwear brand for casual, modern designs. But we want it to become so much more clothes. We want Roux to be a community brought together by connections of shared feelings and experiences. 

Guiding Values of Roux

Embrace simpler times like lazy Sunday afternoons

Leave behind fewer footprints for a brighter tomorrow

Be a place to find people you resonate with

Giving Back
Use our platform and profits to empower and give back

Our Process

Our process matters to us. All Roux products are designed by our in-house team. We then work with local printers and domestic manufacturers to create our products. Whenever possible, we use recyclable or biodegradable products, including all shipping materials. 

About Us

Our People
We are a team of two friends from high school with a dream creating a company our mom’s would be proud of.

Abishek (Business Manager)

Hello fellow carbon based life forms! For me, Roux is an opportunity to explore how our shared experiences overlap and bring those feelings to life through our products. Much love to anyone who finds their way over to our passion project!

Hit: Urban Dancing, Milkshakes, Autochess
Miss: Shaving, Bedtimes, Long Walks on the beach

Andy (Creative Director)

Wow, Hi, Bonjour! Growing up, I always spent more time sketching than taking notes. Roux is those daydreams brought to life.

Hit: Baking, Philosophy, TWICE
Miss: Horror Movies, Diet Soda, Waiting at Crosswalks